Bristol Bar & Grille 40th Anniversary

Bristol Anniversary

Bristol Bar & Grille turns 40 this September!

Bristol Bar & Grille first opened on Bardstown Road in 1977. By the late 1980s, the Bristol was credited with starting Louisville’s contemporary food scene according to The Courier-Journal:

“The beginning of contemporary food in Louisville is sometimes pegged to the opening of the Bristol Bar & Grille on Bardstown Road on Sept. 27, 1977. I wasn’t around then, but the theory goes that the Bristol’s innovations fairly revolutionized the town’s restaurant scene. The management put artichoke hearts in the salad and cracked peppercorns on the steak. It was one of the first restaurants to give atmosphere to a hamburger.”

Now with four booming locations, there’s always a place to enjoy the Bristol Bar & Grille’s award winning Sunday brunch, famous green chili wontons or a nice meal out with the entire family no matter what part of town you live, work or play.

Check back soon to learn more about exclusive events and specials the Bristol Bar & Grille will be offering leading up to the big day.

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